Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have a strange little bump on my ear..?

Its like I have a rock built into my ear lobe, and it makes my whole side of my head hurt. Its small, but it has gotten bigger the past couple days..
Is it some kind of tumor and can it be cancerous or anything life-threatening?And how can I remove it?
Have you had your ears pierced in the area of this bump. It is normal when you get your ears pierced that a "little bump" forms in the cartilage. If the lump is caused by piercing your ears, you can massage your lobe to increase blood flow and that will help the small lump to dissipate.If not, you should go see your medical doctor. It is not normal for a lump anywhere to start growing for no reason. I really doubt that it would be cancer but you still should have it looked at and the doctor can remove it with little pain involved.
go see your doctor or dermatologist
most times it's just a cyst (can't spell) it normally will come and go with how well you feel these are very common in women all over your body...if it become really painful or forms a sort of head (like a pimple would) then I would suggest a warm compress to make it feel better if it doesn't feel better in a day and you are still worried or it becomes red and inflammed lookign then yeah I'd go see a dermatologist about the very least they can probably drain it for you so that it wouldn't be as painful..
Is your ear pierced? This happens to pierced ears sometimes. It's just a sack of puss that will eventually move to the piercing hole and come out. You can (slightly!) heat up a needle and stick it in your piercing and that will draw the puss out...or just use a warm compress (slower to work, but still effective) Unless your ears aren't pierced...then I've totally just wasted your time :)

I have a strange bump on my lower back?

just noticed it yesterday. its red. its hard as a rock and its about the size of a dime. . when i push the skin around it together, i see what looks like really big pores. alot of them.. i know this istn a bug bite. it also hurt when i push onit.. hellpppp
It may be a cyst. I would see a doctor it could be serious. Good luck.
You should get to a dr quickly.
Is It a Mosquito Bite They Always Leave Big Red Spots

I have a stomach bug.How can I cure it?

Vomit count today- 6 times.
please help
Answer: your doc and get this med called a suppository. its a type of med that goes up you butt and you sleep for a while then you wake up and you fell better.
2 stay hydraded drink plenty of water
well, u need to do the following steps
1. get plenty of fluids,
2. if vomiting persists, u need to go to a doctor,
3. u have to sample the vomit to know the causative organism, and take the most suitable antibiotic for example.
4. Blood tests would be advisable.
Go to the doc, you could be in danger of becoming dehydrated. Get plenty of fluids, drink clear things such as club soda, ginger ale, chicken broth. You can't cure a stomach bug, it has to go away on it's own.
First, to calm your stomach, you should drink a small glass of ginger ale. Keep yourself Hydrated and go lay down. Don't worry about eating anything. Maybe it may just need to get out of your system and vomiting is the only way.
Time my friend.

I have a spot on my head, and i'm wondering if I should go to the Dr.?

Okay, i know what your thinking, it's a no brainer, with the amount of different kinds of cancer out there of course I should go to the doctor.But here is the thing. I think it's a wart.. It has the characteristics of a wart. I have tried freezing it at home with minimal results.. Some advice please.
my brother had a mole on the top of his head that had to be removed because it was precancerous. get it checked out just in case. better safe than sorry.

I have a spot on my chest?

It is not a mole, it is big and kind of purple.can you tell me what it is?
It's a cyst ... and it's actually a 'blood cyst' and shouldn't hurt ... but if you don't like it and it does 'hurt' sometimes, then you should see a good DERMATOLOGIST to take it out (not 'off') for you ...
a quart of blood! damn, what was it? a blood vien? Any way, go 2 a doctor!
maybe is a blood clog ... you should go and check it out could be dangerous
I went to the doctor about some other things and he saw it and said, well you have a ... i don't remember what, but he overlooked it as if it were normal
i think it started with a c

I have a speech problem, i just cant make the s,sh,th, all the shh sound. can any1 help me?

i have a really bad problem with speaking, i literally mean speaking, i have problems with making the sh, s, th, ch, sounds, i just cant get it right. can any1 help me so that i can get better with my speaking problems.
I would also recommend some speech therapy. Those are generally fairly easy sounds for a therapist to teach, so they should be able to help you.
A speech therapist should be able to help you. :)

I have a sort of rash that started around my belly button then went up my abdomen. Its dark brown. What is it?

It kinda looks like dry skin but i put lotion on it and it didnt go away. Its spread and its dark brown and not like one big strip it has like parts were its speckles and shows my real skin color though it.
IF you have a really deep belly button it is probably a yeast infection. See your doc use the cream and you should be fine. And make sure that after bathing you really dry your belly button out to prevent it from happening again.
visit your doctor or urgent care.
Go to the doctor right away. It might be something very minor, but a very serious illness, meningitis I think, begins with a rash on your stomach.
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